The story of Probasee Bengali Of Perth can be traced back to the start of 2017, when an idea was proposed by a few humble men. Prior to the formation of this group, there were some Bengali cultural events being celebrated already throughout Perth, but the PBP group wanted to create something unique. Probasee Bengali of Perth wanted to create a welcoming ambiance that would eventually turn into family, preserving some very important values in the Bengali culture – social harmony, generosity and dedication. Ultimately the idea was proposed to fellow Bengalese and moulded into the efficacious team we have today.

Our first attempt at celebrating Duga Puja in 2017 has been a grand success and our team strives to bring more colourful events in the future. We are extremely proud to gain inspiration and seek help from the city of joy – Kolkata itself. Working alongside PBP, we have a loyal team dedicated to making our events joyous and special.

It is the combined effort of our unique team along with inspiration from Kolkata that blends all the events brought out to you from PBP with a taste of home.